With an eye for detail and perfection F E S W A is revealing an untouched jewellery aesthetic. Felicia Swartling has set about to blur and confront jewellery’s preconceptions. She questions words, lines and rules between different artefacts.

With a Central Sains Martins BA jewellery design degree, Felicia transforms alluring jewellery with a thoughtful awareness that strikes as an emotional chord of tantalizing and indefinable magic ought not to be defined.

F E S W A’s characteristics are melded with an emphatically dark sensibility and a penchant for glamour, a namely monochromatic, raw and minimal palette and exaggerated silhouettes, amalgamated with the awareness of the intimate and immediate communication through the genuine touch of materials.

With a mind set beyond the mainstream, F E S W A’s jewellery aesthetic fills the void with a ground-breaking avant-gardism. Timeless and conventional elements are combined with futurism to emphasize, provoke and deconstruct the classic jewellery for an ageless clientele.