All fur, pearls and gemstones used are natural and vary in psyche, shape and colour. These materials are sensitive to detergents or polishing and hairspray. Avoid damp and wet conditions. If your fur gets wet, leave it to dry in a well-ventilated room. Keep it away from direct heat or a radiator, which can cause the fur to dry out. Fur should not be combed, only stroked.


Take good care of your piece of jewellery. Store well in the pouch or box provided. Clean it after use with a soft cloth and avoid water, perfume, lotions or chemicals that can damage the precious materials. Oxidised silver will develop personality overtime due to the nature of the process, adding to its depth of individuality and is part of the charm buying a unique and handmade piece from F E S W A.


Although gold plated jewellery will not tarnish like silver, it will get dirty with wear and chemicals, lotions, perfumes and moist conditions will corrode it. Gold plated jewellery can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a really soft toothbrush. Then rinse thoroughly & dry well. Gold plated pieces may in time slightly fade depending on wear and the amount of care taken. All F E S W A pieces are guaranteed for life, and we offer a full re-conditioning service for all F E S W A pieces.